Top 10 Questions to Ask a Home Health Care Provider

Deciding to have a home health care provider come to your home to provide health care services is a great way to allow your older loved one to stay inside his or her home independently. As you are looking for a caregiver, you should consider asking these ten very important questions.

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Questions to Ask a Home Health Care Provider

You do not have to ask all of these questions, but taking time to interview each candidate will save you time later by not having to spend time looking for a replacement.

#1: Are you certified by Medicare and Medicaid?

If you are paying for the home health care services with Medicare and Medicaid, it’s important to ensure the provider is certified. Most providers will have this certification, but it is always good to ask upfront.

#2: What is your privacy policy?

The home health care provider should not speak to anyone about you unless you have given them permission to do so. Be sure that you have a copy of the privacy policy in case anything were to happen. Some individual providers may not have thought to provide a policy, but they can easily enough create one. And having considered this will make them more aware of their responsibilities. Most home health care provider organizations will have a standard policy that all they’re employees must follow.

#3: What services are included in my care?

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Services may vary among home health care providers. Be sure to ask this upfront, so you know what you are getting and won’t wonder why something isn’t being done later. Feel free to ask for services that you may need even if they have not mentioned them. You may need to include other types of services for the ones not provided.

#4: Do you have references?

Ask for references and call them to check on experience and customer satisfaction. If the person provides you references to other patients, be sure that it is okay for you to call them without breaking the privacy policy.

#5: What certifications do you currently have related to the services you’ll be providing?

These certifications may be for dementia care or CPR. Look over the certifications to make sure they are current and applicable to your needs.

#6: Can I have your social security number for a background check?

You can perform a background check online nowadays. All you need is the person’s social security number. Some providers may feel uncomfortable giving out their social security number, and that is understandable as they are concerned about security risks and identity theft. So if they choose not to provide it to you it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with them as a provider. Some home healthcare provider organizations will have already done background checks on all their employees and this saves you the trouble of doing this yourself.

#7: Tell me about an emergency situation you’ve experienced and how you handled it.

This will give you a feel of what the person is like in stressful situations to ensure you or your loved one is in good hands if an emergency happened.

#8: Do you do an assessment and create a treatment plan?home health care provider answers list of questions in writing

It’s a good idea to ask if the person will assess you before beginning services. This way you receive a customized/individualized treatment instead of just general services. It is important to keep in mind that your doctor’s treatment plan should take priority over the home healthcare provider’s assessment. If their recommendations are in conflict with your doctor’s be sure to let them know and check with your doctor prior to beginning the treatment plan.

#9: What happens if there is a problem?

If you’re working with an agency, it’s good to know what the procedures are if a problem arises. Usually they will have specific guidelines for how to handle each situation.

#10: What times of the day will the home health care provider be at the house?

Scheduling specific times for visits is usually better than drop-ins, so that family members can make plans to come by in between when the services are being provided.

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