Continuing care into the future


These days, due to global circumstances, many families are spending more time together – and that includes caregivers. Between working from home and outside commitments temporarily on hold, you may be one of the many caregivers able to dedicate more time to your aging loved one. Which, incidentally, can be a huge perk! This allows you to assist your loved one with daily activities as needed; monitor their health and safety; ensure they’re getting well-balanced meals and proper nutrition; and overall, help prevent loneliness

However, once things start to go back to normal and your regular commitments get back on track, it can be hard to suddenly stop giving such concentrated care to your loved one. They too may have gotten accustomed to this level of hands-on support, enjoying the benefits of having someone around all the time.

Additionally, during this time of close interaction and one-on-one attention, you – like many caregivers – may, in fact, realize that your loved one requires more assistance than you had previously thought.

Are you looking at your loved one’s future and thinking that they may need an extra set of hands and eyes? Let Eldercare Connections help guide your path for peace of mind, and find a unique care plan for the future.

Eldercare Connections is a completely free service; We are local, experienced, and are here to advocate for seniors and their families.

Our advisors live and work in your community! We are experts with the care options in your area. Once we understand your needs, we can provide detailed care plans for your loved one to make the path of aging as smooth and simple as possible.

Skilled Nursing Facility vs. Long Term Care Facility

Often when people are seeking placement for their older loved one, they start looking for one of two types of facilities either a Skilled Nursing Facility or a Long Term Care Facility. Each one seems like it’s a good choice, but they are very different. Understanding your housing options and how they are different can help you choose which is best for your loved one.

A Skilled Nursing Facility is for Specialized Care

skilled nursing facility providing more therapy than long term care facilityA person who is released from the hospital and needs time to rehabilitate often goes to a skilled nursing facility. This person participates in therapy daily from:

● Physical Therapists
● Occupational Therapists
● Speed Therapists

In addition to therapy, residents at a equipped nursing facility receive medical care, such as having bandages replaced or vitals checked.

Doctors are usually not part of the nursing facility, but residents can be transported to the doctor if needed.

A good nursing facility is only temporary, unless the resident needs long term care at this intensity. Usually, when this happens, the person has to pay for the cost out-of-pocket, as Medicare only covers the cost for up to 100 days.

Some people leave a skilled nursing facility to go to long term care, while others return home. For those who move to a long term care facility, they generally need less assistance than the nursing facility provides.

Long Term Care Facility Provides 24 Hour Nursing Care

While a skilled nursing facility focuses on rehabilitation, a long term care facility focuses on medical and health monitoring. This facility is for older individuals who no longer can live independently in their home. It is a housing option.

The long term care facility provides everything a person needs to live safely and healthy:

● Healthy meals
● Medication administration
● Socialization
● Clean room
● Personal hygiene assistance
● Nurse assistance

Staff members include those who provide basic needs, as well as registered nurses, nurse aides, social workers, and dietitian.

Doctors are not part of the staff at this type of facility. If the person is able, transportation is available for appointments. In emergencies, the facility will either transport the resident to the doctor, hospital, or call 9-1-1 depending on the severity of the medical emergency.

Consider Level of Care to Decide Between a Skilled Nursing Facility or Long Term Care Facility

couple trying to decide between skilled nursing facility and long term care facilityIf your older loved one isn’t in the hospital right now, chances are the long term care facility is the right choice. Some long term care facilities do include skilled nursing services as part of their services, so if you believe your loved one needs a bit more assistance than what was described above, look for one of those facilities.

If you currently have an older loved one in the hospital, a good nursing facility may bridge the way for him or her to go back home after treatment. This way when your loved one does return home they will be much more stable and safer at home.

Eldercare Connections Helps You Choose

After reading the above differences between a skilled nursing facility and long term care facility, you may still have some questions. Eldercare Connections can help you with those questions. Simply call us with them and we will answer them thoroughly. We are a free referral service that seeks to help those who need to find quality elder care services for themselves or their loved ones. We look forward to helping you. You can reach us through our contact us form or by calling 513-685-8998.