Senior Placement Services & Elderly Home Care

“We provide our clients with the crucial information and education necessary to make an informed decision specifically for their unique situation”. – T. McHenry, owner

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Elderly Home Care

Each day families are faced with the challenge of finding elderly home care for their loved ones. The array of options can be overwhelming, often leaving families with many unanswered questions and too little time to fully educate themselves on the service available.

We understand how confusing it can be. And its not enough to just get a list of available elderly home care providers, because these days each one of them has a specialty. So it’s very important to understand their specialty and if it is well suited for your loved one. ElderCare Connections has become the leading expert on elderly home care providers from Northern Kentucky through the Greater Cincinnati area all the way up to Dayton, OH.

Senior Placement Services

The solution to the challenge of weeding through all the elderly home care choices is to seek out expert help. Fortunately that is where ElderCare Connections comes in. Our Senior Placement Services are here to assist you with your search.

Our expert advisors have the knowledge and experience to find the best fit for your ones. We are familiar with local elder care options and providers. We know the providers and their strengths and weaknesses and that’s what makes us the BEST senior placement services experts around.

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NOTE: And don’t be fooled by the many other companies that are more or less just a directory listing. We get to know the providers!!! With senior placement services like ElderCare Connections we do the searching for you and look for the PERFECT MATCH.

To quickly gain information on providers, save valuable time and ensure you have the necessary information to make this important decision reaching out is your first step.

How Senior Placement Services Works: 

3 Easy Steps

Step One - Interview

Our team will connect by phone for your initial consultation/evaluation. In some cases, if you prefer, we will even meet with you and all decision makers in person. The individual medical/elderly care needs of your loved one will be reviewed along with their budget for elderly home care. We can also share possible additional resources available and with senior placement services help in determining which type of community will best suit their needs.

Step Two - Recommendations

With so many varied options available, we will then share what will best accommodate your loved one’s specific needs, schedule tours, and help you through the decision process. As well, our senior placement services advisors may have additional recommendation for you to consider.

Step Three - Connections & Follow-up

Where other providers stop with their recommendation, we go even further. Once you or your loved one arrives in their new elderly home care choice our team will help with transitional support and caring follow-up and continued advocating as well. Our senior placement services are Free to you and we look forward to helping you through the entire process!

Referrals & Additional Help

Eldercare Connections has developed very strong, trusted partnerships with those serving our seniors!  For any additional needs and referrals for the services below please contact us for advice. We love to help!

  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Financial Planners
  • Senior Moving Specialists
  • Veterans Assistance
  • Geriatric Care Managers…and more!