Starting Your Senior Living Search: What to Have in Place

Are you in the initial stages of seeking senior living for yourself or your loved one? The process, especially in the beginning, may feel overwhelming; but if you have all of the right details in place and proper questions planned out, it can turn into a much less intimidating undertaking.

Give yourself a head start by arming yourself with preparation – which can also lead to a more ideal senior living match.


Of course, the cost of a senior living community is one of the most important components to consider. Be sure to factor in resources such as available funding, long term care insurance, Social Security benefits, veterans benefits, and so on.

Also remember to take into consideration the long term. While, for example, a senior may be in good health when they move into a community, it’s important to plan for potential future costs: pricier health care, more extensive nursing care, etc.


There is also some logistical paperwork to get in order before moving into a senior living facility. Figure out your (or your loved ones’) health care wishes in case of medical emergency, such as a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order. All communities must have this on file for each resident.

Also in case of emergency, ensure that the potential resident has a health care or financial power of attorney (or both).

Wants vs. Needs

Particularly if this is a process involving the whole family, it’s vital for everyone to get on the same page. Location, for instance, is an important factor to consider: would the senior prefer to be in proximity to their current community – or is it more important to be close to family?

Also, consider health care needs compared to lifestyle needs. Especially if the senior living resident has underlying health issues, higher quality health care will need to be prioritized over community amenities.

In general, it’s important to figure out those things that you or your loved one cannot live without, versus the things that can be sacrificed if needed.

Questions? Concerns?

In preparation, have a list of questions for any potential senior living community. This will help address your needs more thoroughly and make it easier to compare facilities.

For any more inquiries you may have about senior living, contact us! We can provide detailed care plans for seniors to make the path of aging as smooth and simple as possible.