Who Should Recommend Elder Care Services?

It can be difficult to know where to turn when you want elder care services for yourself or an older loved one. With so many types of services available, you may find yourself drowning in the options.

Recommendations for Elder Care Services

Since we at ElderCare Connections are in the business of recommending elderly care services, we thought we would put together this list of people that can help you decide which ones you need.

doctor recommendations for elder care servicesPhysician

Speak to the treating physician first. This will give you a better idea of the medical care needed on a daily or weekly basis. A physician may recommend the following:

● Medication administration
● Medication monitoring
● Medical monitoring
● Personal hygiene help
● Wellness education

These services are provided by many assisted living communities, which can be highly beneficial in being able to continue living independently but with assistance. But the level and type of specific care needed is best shared with your through a recommendation.


If you or your older loved one was recently hospitalized and was under the care of a nurse, this person would be good source for recommendation. He or she is able to provide information on what is needed, and then you can take that to find places that provide those services.

elder care services for older gentleman include recommendations from specialistSenior Care Facility

If you are already receiving services from a senior care facility, the staff there may be able to help find additional or more appropriate elder care services.Since they have experience working with the patient, they have a better idea of what they need from elder care.

Many times, it’s best to speak to the director of the facility as this person has more information about community resources and what they provide.

Assisted Living Community

Assisted living communities have a lot of experience working with seniors. They know what to look for to figure out what is needed for services.

To seek recommendations, set up interviews with the person who manages the community to see if you or your older loved one meets their criteria. If they do not, you can then ask about any other options they may be aware of that will be a help to you.

Elder Care Services Specialists

couple gets recommendation from elder care services specialistElder care specialists, such as the ones with ElderCare Connections, are a great resource for information on the services you should seek.

Our specialists will first ask some questions to assess the needs of you or your older loved ones. After collecting that information, the specialist will review available options and provide you with senior housing options & senior care facilities that fit your needs.

ElderCare Connections is completely free. We provide referrals to people who need elder care services. You can speak to our specialists as many times as you need to find the right options.

Call us now to learn more about our services at 513-685-8998. We have many options available in many different locations. When we don’t have anything in our database, we will work to find you what you need. You can also reach us by completing our contact us form.

What Is the Difference Between Managed Care and Assisted Living Homes?

When looking for additional care for your older loved one, you may find it difficult to understand the differences between assisted living homes and managed care. We hope to help you with the following information.

About Assisted Living Homes

assisted living home is a big help imageAssisted living usually involves a community. Each person who lives in the community lives independently in their own home, but they have assistance nearby if needed.

When someone joins an assisted living homes community, they are part of a program. This program will assess the resident’s needs and come up with a plan based on those needs.

For instance, if someone simply needs meals and medication monitoring, the staff will deliver meals and check on whether medication has been taken correctly. If the person needs more assistance, it can be given up to the level the community provides.

The goal assisted living homes and communities is to help seniors remain independent for as long as possible.

About Managed Care

managed care makes elderly feel at home imageManaged care helps people remain in their own homes with services. This may be home care or adult day care services.

People who are in need of help living in their home, but do not need 24 hour assistance, are best suited for this type of program. The person’s needs are assessed just like in assisted living, but they do not have to move to a community. They simply have people come to their own home to help them.

Managed care may include nurse visits to check vitals and medications. A senior care specialist may also visit to pick up and clean the home, as well as help the older individuals with bath and hygiene tasks. Also meals may be delivered, and transportation may be scheduled for medical appointments.

The Main Differences Between Assisted Living Homes and Managed Care

The main differences between assisted living and managed care are:

● Assisted living homes provide assistance 24 hours a day – managed care only provides drop-in home services.
● Older individuals have to move out of their home for assisted living, but can stay in their home for managed care.

As you can see, these two options are similar, but differ in big ways. It really has to do with the level of independence someone is able to have while still remaining safe and healthy. Knowing what that level is can be difficult. Getting recommendations from a professional is often the best thing when trying to make this important decision.

ElderCare Connections Helps You Make Informed Decisions

Deciding on senior housing, whether assisted living homes or managed care is right for your older loved one depends on his/her needs and can be difficult to understand which is best.  ElderCare Connections provides specialists ready to help you understand which type of assistance will provide your loved one with the care needed to live this stage of life with as much freedom as possible while remaining safe and healthy.

Our placement and referral services are free. So give us a call today at 513-685-8998 or complete the contact us form.